October 12, 2013

The Sword

If you cannot tell from the blatant cover, this is a romance novel. That being said, it is not one of the better fantasy romance novels I have read. It was predictable, and at times ridiculous, but I enjoyed reading it.

It was cliché to the max. Dark brooding brother meets a frightened witch. His brother saved her life by bringing her, scaring the daylights out of her, but hoped it was all worth it so they could fall in love and save everyone…ready to throw up now? Wait… the descriptions are the best part. I won’t spoil it by revealing the absurd male-charged sentences. I can reveal flowing locks, thunderous brows, and hulking muscles were involved. And a “take you right here, wench” mentality. Which, is grand on some levels. When my brain needs a quick, easy read, I love that stuff. Does that mean it is GOOD? Yes and no I suppose. It is not well written, has no fantastic plotting, but still enjoyable.

I cannot seriously give a foo-foo romance novel like this real star consideration. It is so wildly different from reading Sanderson or Goodkind, or any other author I love who writes well. But I have to give it a grade, so I shall go with 3 stars. Good, but don’t read it if you want something serious, intelligent, and well thought out. It is a guilty pleasure read only.

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