October 21, 2013

A Quick Bite

I am on a role with the trashy vampire romances…sorry for all those reading who dislike…but they are addictive!

This one has to be even worse than the Black Dagger Brotherhood series that I have been whipping through, but I still liked it. What can I say? I’m a sucker for vampire romances…heh heh. Get it? ;)

The romance was delightful, the sex…!, and the beginning of how these characters meet is hilarious.

However…I hate the idea of the vampires just being an advanced society from Atlantis. Like the Black Dagger Brotherhood, the Argenau series attempts to redefine vampires. Which I personally think is a mistake. There is nothing wrong with the old kind of vampire. If anything we need a resurgence of the old kind…since the sparkly, whiny vampire named Edward Cullen ruined the idea of the original vampire in all girls from ages 12-50.

But it was enjoyable, so I likely will read book number two. I would give this book four stars. I really liked it, but it still isn’t great writing, or great plotting…it’s hot, that is about it.

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