October 19, 2013

Lover Enshrined

Wallowing in self pity does not look good on hulking, muscle rippled, bad ass vampires.

Ward stabs her readers in the eyes with how tormented Phury is. We get it. ALLLLL of the vampires have crapy back stories. Until they meet their true love, then blah blah blah. Yeah. But she keeps trying to up herself with each book. It’s just getting so ridiculous. Phury has such an awful life that he has to smoke joints OFTEN. Phury, let me put your life into perspective for you. You are massive and hot, which means you can have pretty much any woman you want. You don’t have to work, you sit around most of the time smoking drugs, and occasionally you train, even more occasionally you fight a lesser. Who smells like baby powder…oooo scary! Your life sucks, my man. Wait…You are not starving, or ugly, or money-less (oh yeah ya live in a mansion), or friendless. What exactly are you whining about? From where I sit, you live the life.

And yet 90% of this book is Phury having a pity fest. That got real old.

Also I cannot even begin to count how many times Phury and Cormia almost had sex. It got to the point where I was egging her on to just force him to do it. Or tell him what she was feeling…that probably would have worked too.

Honestly, this book was weak. The only interesting thing about Cormia was that she liked to build stuff, and there was nothing appealing about Phury. A star and a half, for this train wreck of a romance.

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  1. :( Oh no. Maybe I take back what I just wrote on your last review...


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