October 22, 2013

Love Bites

Love Bites is book number two in the Argeneau vampire series. While they are not real great books, I can read them online for free. Which means during this crazy busy week next to Halloween, I can read on the go.

I enjoyed the book, but the continuation of the ridiculous nature of these vampires is shocking. But I went on and on about that in the last post. So I shall refrain. Instead, my major complaint about this book is the psychotic vampire killer: Pudge. Really?! His name is Pudge. How could ANYONE be afraid of a vampire killer named PUDGE? Nope.

Other than that I enjoyed the story. It was a fast read. Again, not great literature. Not really well written. Terrible love story in terms of being realistic. But it was an easy read, and was hot, as these trashy vampire stories often are. So I give it two and a half stars...for vampire hotness.

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