October 20, 2013

Storm Front

I’m in love with Harry Dresden.

He is quirky, smart, smart mouthed, and bad ass! Oh and he wears a duster. And grapples with vampires and horny air spirits…and demons. And he can use magic. He pretty much is one of the most awesome male characters I have ever read. He actually reminded me of the male version of Rachael Morgan, from the Hallows Series. Which, if you have not read it, you should go read. Right now. Go.

This book was recommended to me by a coworker, and I cannot believe how long it took me to read this fantastic book! I tarried too long because it was never physically in the library when I needed it. So finally I got it online. I likely will be posting a lot about Harry in the next week or so…as I hungrily devour the rest of the series.

Storm Front is a five star book, full of adventure, suspense, sexual tension, and wise-crack, laugh-out-loud jokes. Read it, and be seduced by Harry Dresden’s amazing personality. You won’t regret getting caught up in it.


  1. FYI: Even though Dresden is depicted in all of his pictures, he is never actually said to have one in the book. Which is hilariously and an interesting look at the fact that when you think of Dresden, you can't help but picture him with one. It just makes him that much more bad ass.
    I recommend to keep reading. I've only read completely the first two, but it has a SERIOUS following that is completely worth it to get lost in.

    Also, Butcher has an AMAZING way of weaving things from early books into later books. So... yeah. I recommend to read more in the series. They're short too. ;)

    1. That picture on the front reminded me of Ryan (SJ's Ryan) so much that the entire time I pictured Dresden as Ryan! But I am def going to read book two!

  2. My brother read these, and I think I'll have to pick them up, too. ... Or, you know, add them to the list. Which I've just now decided to name my "After Wheel of Time List," since that's pretty much the dichotomy of my life in books now: either they're Wheel of Time, or I have to put them off for some indefinite amount of time (most likely months...)

    1. That is the perfect name for your list! What book are you on now!? But yes! Add this to your list! It's really good!!!!


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