October 27, 2013

Hades' Daughter

I read this book when I was in ninth grade, so eight years ago, but decided to reread it because I remember loving it. I fervently wish I had waited to read this book until I was older. It is a dense, intricate book, and at that age I was not able to put together all the pieces as well as I was at this age.

The first bit of the book is quite slow. And by bit I mean…the first two hundred pages. But having read this book before, I knew it got amazing, so I kept at it. Plus Douglass is one of my all-time favorite authors. She writes some amazing fantasy.

My two complaints with the book are that the protagonist, Cornelia, is really whiny. Granted she is young, and her life SUCKS epically, but still. Stop crying and do something about it. I don’t remember what happens in the second book, but I know I read it, and I think she starts doing in that book. Thank goodness.

My second complaint is that Brutus and Cornelia fall in love but are both too stubborn and stupid to be happy together…rather like Gone with the Wind. Huge irritation. Hopefully they will win, and they can be happy together in the end. Doubt it though. I’m predicting Sara Douglass will kill one of them right after they get together. Or something equally horrific. To torture me and other devoted readers. And I can’t even hate her for it, her work is too amazing.

So this book gets 4 stars, because it is captivating, but it did start off quite slow and the changes between present day and the past were quite confusing.

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