October 24, 2013

Tall, Dark, and Hungry

I don't know if I will continue reading these books. Like the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, I hate when series go through each of the characters, giving them "true love". I am a romantic, but when each person in the story finds his/her true love, it just makes it so unrealistic for me. Life isn't like that. These books are doing the very same thing, and while I continue to read them for now, it's getting old.

I did not like the main female in this book as well as Kate. Terri has a Phd, but really doesn't act like it. She isn't highly intellectual at all. She is also highly emotionally fragile. I couldn't decide whether I liked that or not. I think I probably would if she would have been a stronger character that emotional vulnerability would have been acceptable, but she wasn't. Her husband died, so when she sees Bastian being affected by the sun, she thinks he is sick. This creates alllllll sorts of drama. I found it to be a bit over the top.

But again, it was an easy, quick read; it deserves two and a half stars.

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