October 17, 2013

Lover Revealed

I’m still a bit confused how Butch became such a big character in this series. Um, he is human? And honestly, when we first met him I thought he was more the 45, beer belly, bad back story type, not the OMG you look so much like these other hulking guys, and even though you are a human look how you can match yourself against them!! Ugh *eye roll* Though, the way he deals with Marissa is a freaking crack up. The man has zero game. And doesn’t understand what is going on…ever. And yet I like him. He is kick-butt, but a softy, and I enjoyed this next installment of the series a lot.

But when he and Marissa are quarantined together I got the adorable goosebumps really bad. And then things started to heat up and that was even better! But then there is Marissa’s brother. Seriously…the guy is a jerk. Take your head out of your behind, and realize that your sister is HAPPY. Stop making everything worse. Idiot.

I honestly cannot imagine why I'm still reading these books...but I'm going to read the next one, especially since the plot outside the love stories is getting even better! Four stars, most definitely for Lover Revealed

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