October 25, 2013

A Bite to Remember

These books are definitely getting old. I think I may have to read another Dresden book tomorrow because I can only take so much of wishy-washy vampire love.

The book was good, as usual. But the thing is, they are entertaining and that is it. In this specific novel the female protagonist, Jackie, has already been bitten by a vampire. A mean vampire. So if our male protagonist, Vincent, wants to get with her, he is going to have to pull out all the stops. Which he does. And then they fall in love. And sex. And then the mean vampire comes back into the picture! Who could have guessed that was going to happen? (High sarcasm) It was highly predictable, but entertaining.

This book deserves two and a half stars, like most of the rest of the series. Exciting, entertaining, but not well written or well thought out. Characters are flat and predictable, as are the situations they find themselves in.

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