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Looking for feedback and an extra eye before you start submitting your work to agents?  Whether you seek a full analysis of your work or just straight copy editing, your manuscript is my priority.  I like to develop a relationship with my clients.  I am only an email or a phone call away, and I encourage all questions and ideas.  I am very passionate about publishing.  As I am a writer, and author I know how challenging the publishing process can be.  Let me help you shine up your masterpiece before querying agents and/or publishers.

Contact me at readbookwormread@gmail.com to get started!

·         B.A. in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from Baldwin Wallace University
·         Copywriter and editor at Mesa Community College

What services do you offer?

Manuscript Feedback and Editing:
You’ve finished it.  Your masterpiece that took ages to write.  You may have had one or two people look it over.  You may have looked it over yourself a few times.  But you would really like the advice of a professional, after all you are a bit too close to see any potential problems any longer.  You will receive feedback on plot holes, character development, relationship development, and world building.  This package also includes a round of copy editing, to catch any misspelling, punctuation errors, etc.

Copy Editing:
You feel your work is solid.  All plot holes have been mended, character development is solid, what you story really needs is an extra eye to find things like capitalization errors, missing commas, run-on sentences, etc.

I charge by the hour for my services.  I do read quite fast- but the number of edits per page does slow me down.  It takes me approximately 3 minutes to read and edit one page.  For example, a 450 page manuscript would take me 22.5 hours.
Copy Editing: $20/hr
Manuscript Feedback and Editing: $35/hr

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