June 11, 2015

The Wizard of Rondo

After an entire year of delaying reading book number two, I finally have finished reading The Wizard of Rondo. 

Interested in the first book?  Click here to read the review.

The Wizard of Rondo does not disappoint.  The insane, but lovable world of Rondo is just as crazy as it was in the first book.  Talking chickens, missing wizards, walking pots!  Young reader, fantasy lovers are sure to love the magical world of Rondo.

I think Emily Rodda has a fantastic voice.  Of course I am a bit biased, having grown up reading her Deltora Quest series (WHICH I LOVE) I would read anything she put on a shelf.  Her writing manages to be whimsical, hilarious, and sarcastic all at once in these books.  Don’t go into reading these books expecting a straight fantasy story.  These books thrive off of making fun of themselves and fairy tale traditions. 

I think, partly, this is why I think the books are so successful. 4 stars for this pretty fantastic second book!

As a closing remark, I want to leave you with some snippets from my favorite character: the cooking pot! 

“After only a few minutes, however, the new cooking pot began whimpering and dragging its feet.  ‘Legs sore, Conkie!’ it wailed in a tinny voice. ‘Carry me?’


The pot wriggled in the flames, giggling and flapping its handle up and down.  ‘Tickles, Conkie!’ it shrieked.  Water and shreds of dried meat and onion slopped onto the fire.  Most of the flames went out, and smoke billowed from the charred, wet wood, making everyone cough.

‘Now look what you’ve done!’ Conker roared at the pot.  He kicked at it furiously.  It screamed and dodged, spilling most of its remaining contents over the last struggling flames which died at once.

‘Fire all gone,’ the pot said in surprise, shifting uncomfortably in the black, watery mess of dead coals, meat, and chopped onions that now filled the neat little fireplace.”

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