October 13, 2013

The Riddle-Master of Hed

I was pretty excited when I first started reading this book because McKinley’s intro basically is a Tolkien-loving splurge. And I love McKinley’s writing, so I figured I would love this book. Right? Wrong.

We are thrown into a world with hardly any information. No character introduction and development, and it seemed like I was thrown in mid-plot. I got about 80 pages in and gave up. The book itself was short, but if I still don’t like any characters and don’t understand what is going on, or why I CARE what is going on, then I’m not going to finish reading.

I was severely disappointed in this book. I don’t often stop reading a book before I finish it. I tend to hold out and give it a chance, but for this book I could not. I give it zero stars.

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