October 18, 2013

Lover Unbound

Why am I still reading these books?! I have no idea. I can’t stop. It’s like bad drugs. These books are like cocaine.

Vishous is the main character of this book. He is bisexual and still in love with Butch (who we featured in the last book). Then he falls head over heels with Jane. Randomly. In a split second. Really? Vishous has been pining for Butch for HOW many books? And now a light switch is thrown? No. Just. No.

Also… Vishous has a magic glowing hand…that can heal people and electrocute them… and destroy cigarettes. What? Seriously? WHY?

It also drives me nuts how Ward makes all her humans have happy magical ways of becoming vampires…because her vampires cannot make humans vampires. Like Butch being some distant relative of the vampires so he could be turned? No freaking way do I believe that…and the whole nonsense with Jane? I just…nope. Don’t believe that would happen.

I also really don’t like John Mathew’s story. I don’t find him exciting. I find his story line to be boring to the MAX. Except for Xhex. His interactions with Xhex are so random and crazy that…honestly they are exciting. And hot...

This book gets three stars because, while I probably will read the next book, I am getting more and more irritated with the silliness of these series. But oh…it’s so addictive! And good! And bad, but good!


  1. Ha ha, this is so entertaining. I feel like I have to read these now, if they're really that addicting despite being so difficult to give good reviews :)

  2. You should read number one! See if you like it. Mostly the comments I have seen in the Goodreads reviews hate her sub plot that moves the books from book to book, aka the bad guys. But honestly, it's why I keep reading. That part of the story is actually rather awesome. It's the romance part that is predictable...steamy...but hokey.


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