October 29, 2013

Fool Moon

Yay! Dresden Book Two! During this book I have concluded that Harry Dresden has some serious hero problems. The man needs to step back and stop trying to save everyone. I think he was mostly dead for most of this book… He should take a leaf from the airplane safety manual. You put your own oxygen mask on first, then help those around you.

What I didn’t like: Everyone and their brother was out to get Dresden in this book. Like literally…the entire book. I’m fine with everyone trying to kill the main character during the climax. Fine, whatever. But not the entire book. The amount of werewolves alone out to rip into him was astounding: MacFinn when he is a wolf, Tera anytime Dresden steps out of line, Parker and his Streetwolves just because, and Denton and his pack of FBI because Dresden knows too much. And those are just the WOLVES after Dresden. Murphy keeps trying to lock Dresden up, and Marcone keeps trying to threaten/recruit Dresden. Really the only person we are introduced to who doesn’t try to kill, hurt, or stop Dresden is Susan. It got a bit crazy and over the top.

What I did like: Speaking of Susan…there was this awesome scene right before the big end-all fight when Susan washes Dresden and then they *clears throat*. It was hot and tender at the same time. Really well done, Mr. Butcher.

“I found myself kissing her, the rough growth on my mouth and chin brushing her soft skin. She tensed at first, and then melted against me with a deliciously feminine sort of willingness, a soft abandoning of distance that left her body, in all its dark beauty, pressed against mine. The kiss deepened, slowed, became something intense and erotic and self-contained. The motion of our lips, the warmth of our bodies pressed together. The touch of my fingertips on her face, featherlight. The scratch of her nails as her fingers kneaded at my shirt. My heart was pounding, and I could feel hers, too, racing.”

That part where she melts…that one sentence was more erotic than the entirety of the sex scenes in any one of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books.

Besides that part, the book retained what I liked about the first. Dresden is spunky, sarcastic, and such a strong character. Whooo…have some ‘s’ adjectives there…but really Dresden is awesome. Read him and this 4 star book!

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