November 7, 2013

Sorcery and Cecelia: Or the Enchanted Chocolate Pot

This book was recommended to be by a very good friend. Honestly, I have no idea how I have not found it before. This book was a delight. It was Jane Austen (whom I’m obsessed with…) and Howl’s Moving Castle all wrapped in an exciting little package!

The entire book is written in letters between Cecy and Kate. Normally I hate books that are all letters, but this was so artfully done that I didn’t feel like I was in a letter for most of the book. Only at the beginning and end of each letter did I feel the stamp of a letter.

The premise of the book started off with the Letter Game, a game where authors Wrede and Stevermer wrote each other letters with no idea of each other’s plot intentions. SUCH a cool idea! I want to do this Letter Game so badly. Good thing I know so many writers *rubs hands together evily*

Seriously, read this book if you like period romances, magic, and slight mystery. This book is awesome, five stars, and well worth the time. I definitely will be seeking out book two.

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