November 3, 2013

Once Dead, Twice Shy

I have avoided this book like the plague…until today when I read it online. Honestly, I avoided it because I thought it was going to be another angsty, young vampire novel. After reading so many vamp trashy love stories, I just could not handle that…or so I thought.

Hey it turns out this book has NOTHING to do with vampires! Maybe if I had given the book half a chance before and actually read the description and not just judged it by its cover and title… (guilty! :/) But no vampires to be found. Score. Plus, amazing author whom love? Double score.

Once Dead, Twice Shy is amazing. Yeah the title is cheesy, and makes me think of an angsty vampire teen, but it has such a unique premise! The dead girl? Yeah she hangs out with dark and light reapers. As in the Grim Reaper. Cool huh?! Yes. Very cool. Because one of them killed her, only she grabbed their amulet, so her soul didn’t dissipate. And then…shenanigans go down. I shant tell you, because they are awesome, and you should be able to find them out for yourself!

The only thing I didn’t like was the whole ‘OMG epiphany!’ Madison has at the end about the reapers. Seriously woman, I called that around page ten. I think your synapses must have stopped firing when you died because um…DUH. I know that won’t make any sense to anyone who has not read the book. So read it, and then let me know if you called the “surprise” too!

Another 5 star YA! Read it, let me know what you think!

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