November 8, 2013

Hana Kimi Vol 1

I find it really hard to review manga. There is just a completely different range of criteria for what makes a manga good. Do I enjoy the art? Does the plot line have sufficient action to keep me interested? Is there a sufficiently squeal-worthy love story? General silliness and frivolity? If all of these are answered as yes, then usually I enjoy the manga.

But those are completely different criteria from what I would use to judge a book. So I will judge fluffy manga based on the above questions.

That being said, I have been bugging my friend for forever to read Ouran High School Host Club, because it is amazing. Guffaw-worthy amazing. But this post is about Hana Kimi, not Ouran…My friend suggested that I had to read Hana Kimi if I liked Ouran. So today I read volume one.

Did I enjoy the art?

Yes, I loved it. Sano is so hot... And Nakastu is hilarious! All his faces as he tries not to like Mizuki are just fantastic.

Does the plot line have sufficient action to keep me interested?

Absolutely! Mizuki gets into all sorts of trouble! Really, you are asking for it when you go to an all boys school to stalk someone you saw on tv and pretend you are a boy when you are not…but what ev.

Is there a sufficiently squeal-worthy love story?

Yes! Right off the bat Sano realizes that Mizuki is a girl, though no one else does. It makes for some pretty awesome situations where they both are trying to hide the truth from each other.

General silliness and frivolity?

Most certainly. The doctor is way awesome. He may be my favorite character. Here is his silly side, where he rips off all his clothes to reveal he is ready to go dancing on a beach:

And then he turns the tables and pulls out this hunk of deepness:

I am a huge supporter of gay rights, so this part was quite touching for me. That this manga can be frivolous, adorable, funny, AND serious is quite an accomplishment.

This manga scored 4/4! Volume one was fantastic, I expect great things from volume two!


  1. Ha ha, yay! I'm so excited you're reading this =3 This is hands down my favorite. Although I have a bunch that are "favorites" because I love them so much, I have read this series a ridiculous number of times, and it never gets old (thus the "hands down"). Can't wait to see what else you think!

    Also, not sure if it's just my computer, but the pictures aren't showing.

    1. Is it really?! It is fabulous!!!! I adore it so far. I am a bit harsh on it for volumes 4 and 5, but I'm reading volume 6 right now, and I'm LOVING it :D Thanks for leaving a comment!!


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