November 1, 2013

Blood Price

I feel rather bad, but reading Dresden and the Rachael Morgan series has ruined this book for me. I have wanted to read this book for a while, Tanya Huff is a huge name in the fantasy/paranormal world. But honestly, compared to Dresden and Rachael Morgan…Vicki had no life to her. And her quirks which were supposed to entice the reader into loving her, just irritated me. She is angry at the world, has a mouth on her, and has a troubled relationship with her old police partner, Celucci, whom she has rows with and then sleeps with. Sorry, I don’t find that to be an admirable relationship…

So many people were killed while everyone was running around, constantly denying that it could be a vampire. We get it. You don’t believe in vampires because this is an urban fantasy. Please don’t bash me over the head with it and force me to read nothing for chapters and chapters.

Honestly the only bit that excited me was the beginning. The character we are introduced to first, which usually indicates an important character, is killed right away. It was kind of awesome, seeing how he was so nervous to be late when meeting his ex…lover or whatever she was, and then BAM dead.

But then the excitement trickled to nothing. And I got real bored as the nothing dragged on and on and on… And I no longer cared who-dun-it.

This book gets one and a half stars, because I really didn’t enjoy it, but it did have some redeeming qualities. I always like when characters are flawed, rather than shiny marble statues of characters, and these characters were flawed to the max.

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