November 15, 2013

Hana Kimi Vol 8

Today was volume eight of Hana Kimi! Another amazing volume!! A reminder of what the fluff manga criteria are: Do I enjoy the art? Does the plot line have sufficient action to keep me interested? Is there a sufficiently squeal-worthy love story? General silliness and frivolity?

Did I enjoy the art?

Of course!

Does the plot line have sufficient action to keep me interested?

A lot of weird random things happened in this volume. I’m not sure a whole lot happened, but there was a whole lot of not a lot happening, if that makes sense. Julia and Sano talk about how he knows that Mizuki is a girl, but then NOTHING HAPPENS! And then there is that random photographer guy….I’m assuming he will be important in a few books?

Is there a sufficiently squeal-worthy love story?

No :( I’m getting a bit frustrated by how long it is taking them to tell each other. We have beaten the not-knowing to death.

General silliness and frivolity?

As usual, yes, but not as much as the last volume :/ Plus Julia went back to the USA, so that is way sad!

This manga scored 4/4. Can’t wait to read more!.

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  1. Hmmm, that is one thing I've noticed: Ouran focused a lot on general silliness, and Hana Kimi focused more on plot. The best way to show that: In the Ouran manga, THREE YEARS go by and no one graduates/moves up a class, whereas in Hana Kimi the plot is molded around the school time frame. I really like both approaches, but they're definitely different. I'm going to make a call and say that book 9 may be a bit slow for you, but it should pick up by book 10. :) AND BOOK 11 AND 12 ARE AMAZING. Especially 12. So I would keep reading :) Maybe I should just give you an overview of which are more cutsie oriented and which are more plot oriented. Books 13, and then 16-19 are pretty plot heavy. With the later books, it's all important plot stuff, but those are the books I really felt drag. However, 14, 15, and then 20+ are more cutsie oriented :) There are still quite a bit of cute parts in the plot-oriented books. Ha ha, I hope that helps (and I hope it doesn't deter you. They're such short books, so please brave them so we can gush about the series afterward!)


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