November 19, 2013

Hana Kimi Vol 10

Today was volume ten of Hana Kimi. This volume did pick up a bit, but I feel like my interest in this series is waning. I need to hurry up and read them faster so I can get through the series. A reminder of what the fluff manga criteria are: Do I enjoy the art? Does the plot line have sufficient action to keep me interested? Is there a sufficiently squeal-worthy love story? General silliness and frivolity?

Did I enjoy the art?

Of course! Always. Especially in this book when we get to see Sano posing in front of a camera…all sexy-ified.

Does the plot line have sufficient action to keep me interested?

The entire book had to do with high fashion photographer. Totally unrealistic that he would want these random four to do a photoshoot with him, and then the jealous, spurned professional model…ugh. So cliché. But Sano and Mizuki bits were cute, especially Sano being overprotective and blushing all the time.

Is there a sufficiently squeal-worthy love story?

Ish. Sano and Mizuki seeing each other’s pictures was absolutely awesome. But other than that, this volume was a bit slow.

General silliness and frivolity?

Not much. I think the photographer guy is supposed to provide comic relief by his random hitting on everyone and their brother…but it’s not the level of fun I expected from the series.

This manga scored 3/4. I’ll still stick with it since I know how much one of my friends loves the series, and she says it picks up really soon.


  1. I re-read 10 and 11 last night (like a bad person, since I should have gone to bed earlier). 11 starts off slow, but picks up with cuteness and leads into 12, which is one of my favorites :) So, adorableness coming. <3 Also, THIS MOMENT


    (I hope that shows up. If not, here's the link: )

    1. Oh ick, it looks awful. Sorry! The link should work though.

    2. Oh my goodness!! I can't wait. I was also thinking...usually when I read manga I read the entire thing within a week, so that changes things too. Instead of stopping on a boring volume you zoom on to the next one. I think that is the problem.


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