September 23, 2013

Wisdom's Kiss

Wisdom’s Kiss was horrible. Absolutely unreadable. If I hadn’t been forced to finish it for this blog, I would have put the book down after chapter two.

There were so many points of view, and there was no good character development or world building before leaping to the next POV. The only character I mildly liked reading about was Trudy. She was interesting with her gift of seeing the future. That does not, however, mean that I liked Trudy; she was quite annoying. Someone would come in to town who would trigger her gift and all she could do was scream. Not warn people or do anything useful.

Besides the parts that Trudy narrated, the rest of the book was scattered, unorganized, and boring. This was a surprise because I relatively enjoyed Murdock’s book Princess Ben, which I would probably categorize as a 3 star book. Wisdom’s Kiss, on the other hand, earns no stars. I would not recommend reading it at all.

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