September 1, 2013

Attack of the Fiend

“The witches are rising…” an understatement, Attack of the Fiend had more witches than I could count!

****This post has Spoiler Warnings!****

So much happened in book number four! So much fantastic-ness I don’t know where to start. I guess I should start with his writing. Delaney certaintly knows how to make his readers sweat. Not only does he write wonderful,suspenseful individual scenes, but he also drags the suspense out though the entire book and from book to book. Reading the next book is no longer an option; you have to know what happens next.

I did have a small irritation to complain about, but in the scope of this amazing book I really am just nitpicking. For more than three-fourths of the book Tom was on his own, in the thick of the danger. Good thing his Mam and Alice are looking out for him, because the Spook certainly isn’t. No wonder so many of his apprentices have died or left! I kept expecting the Spook to come along in the nick of time to help. Nope. Only when the danger has passed does he turn up and tell Tom all the important work he has been doing.

Tom never complains though, so I do it for him!!

Some crazy things I am really excited about though? Apparently Tom has magic?! I guess it makes sense. His mom is a lamia witch and he is a seventh son of a seventh son. I can’t wait to see where that ends up.

Also, the dark made flesh, the Fiend, aka the Devil, has been released. The Fiend will certainly be a huge foe in the next book, but it does make me worry. Once you pull out the big villains, where do you go after? What could possibly be worse than the Devil?

Another character I’m excited to see more of is Grimalkin, the assassin who uses scissors. She almost got Tom, but I know they’ll meet again. How do I know? Because the next five books are on my bookshelf waiting for me to read them…and she is on the cover of book nine! I cannot wait.

I did not enjoy this book as much as the last book, so I am tempted to give it less than five stars. But really it was an amazing book and I devoured it, so it still absolutely deserves five. I’ll be reading book number five tomorrow. Bring it on!!

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