September 30, 2013

Beneath the Thirteen Moons

Beneath the Thirteen Moons is one of my very favorite books, written by one of my favorite authors.

This was the book that started my obsession with fantasy romance. I never had dared pick up a romance book before I read this for the first time eight years ago. I cannot say how many times since then I have read it; suffice to say, I have read it a fair few.

When I was graduating from high school I wanted to buy this book to bring with me to college. Since I was going as a Creative Writing major I wanted to bring the books that had inspired me to write. But I didn't own Beneath the Thirteen Moons. It was selling for $113 on ebay, but 'I learned from Kathryne Kennedy's website that it was coming out in a second edition. The book would soon be available for $15 at every major book store in America. I was ecstatic and wrote a letter to Kennedy telling her how much I loved her books, and how excited I was for my favorite to be republished. She. Sent. Me. A. First. Edition! With a lovely note wishing me well in my future as a writer. I almost died of happiness. End of sidetracked story :)

I wanted to reread this book because I love it so much and wanted to write a review to share with all of you. If you like fantasy romance Kennedy is a MUST read, so go quickly and buy one of her books. Any of them! I have read all of her books, they all are wonderful. Her writing is wonderful, her characters are well developed, believable, and likeable, and her magic systems well constructed.

This book is a five star, absolutely. I loved every second of it, even reading it for the umpteenth time. Kennedy does steamy moments like no one's business. The business inside the flower? Yeah. Read it, and you will understand what I mean ;)

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