September 26, 2013

The Coven

The Coven was about as good as Book of Shadows. Simplistic, not very well written, but I still am planning on reading book three.

One good thing (I guess) about these books is the way they end. If they didn’t conclude with crazy cliff hangers I wouldn’t even bother picking up the next book. So while I put down the book cursing its cliff ending for making e turn to the next book, I’m reading the next book, so their ploy is working. *Shoots daggers at author*

I’m not enjoying the books though. They are ‘fair’ at best. Plot lines are sloppy, characters are undeveloped and transparent. These are great if you are ten and like witch books. But I’m 22, and prefer well written books with characters I care about. I really don’t understand how this is considered YA. Joseph Delaney’s Middle School books: The Last Apprentice Series, are far better material than this slop. Maybe it’s the love nonsense…*rolls eyes* Hot, powerful, bad boy meets plain, virginal, doesn’t know she is powerful yet girl. It reeks of cliché SO bad.

Book two gets two stars because I don’t like the writing or the characters. Morgan can go jump off a cliff for all I care. And yet…I continue to read. If it weren’t for those stupid cliff hangers… *shakes fist in anger*

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