September 28, 2013

Silver's Lure

This book was awful. It was hard to finish. I picked it up because it was by the publisher: Luna. They usually publish good romances, and the summary sounded very fantasy and fun. But 60 pages in, I knew it was not going to get any better. It was confusing, the world was not well constructed, and the writer kept jumping from character to character without fully introducing us to them. For the rest of the novel I kept thumbing through not caring a whit about what I was reading. Course, I may have cared if I could actually understand what I was reading…

It was also rather poorly written. It was so full of typos, and a plot that made no sense. But the worst part? There was no good romance to keep the story going. It’s Luna for goodness sake! If I pick up a Luna book that says I automatically expect it to be a romance.

I give this book zero stars because I hated reading it. And if I had not needed to read a book a day, I would not have finished reading it.

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