September 27, 2013

Blood Witch

Number three was actually better! Lots less whining from Morgan, thank goodness, and she really is starting to use her powers!

I have known since book one that Cal and his mother were using Morgan for some nefarious purpose. It irritates me that Morgan observes all these huge clues, but doesn't use her brain to figure out what is actually going on. She sees things and then just forgets to tell people about it, or think about it. But yeah, yeah, love is blind and all that... What confuses me is that the two lovely witches in the shop are a part of Cal's mother;s coven. Why? They seem to see and know a lot. I can't imagine they would be hoodwinked as easily as Morgan.

I don't know if I'll finish the series as I only picked up books 1-3 and there are 15 in the series...I may stop just because number 3 didn't end with a dang cliff hanger, so I'm no dying to know more...for which I am very grateful. Because I enjoyed this book more than the rest, it deserves 3 stars. It still wasn't fabulous writing, but I liked Morgan a bit more now that she isn't whining and crying and throwing fits every ten seconds.

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