September 16, 2013


Holy flying unicorns…was this book wonderful. Seriously. Completely brill, captivating, and ah-maze-ing. It’s books like this that make me ecstatic that I’m doing this book a day quest. And I kinda had a “Read all the books!” moment after finishing page 335 (grinning like a crazy woman no less). Can you tell that I really liked this book?

****This post will have spoilers****

Hey, isn’t Evie pretty? Honestly, that is what drew me to this book. Because the back was lame.

Lame! And it doesn’t even make sense! It sounds like the ‘I’ is Evie, and she is talking to humans, but the evil threat she can’t protect humans from is Vivianne, who doesn’t harm humans! So back cover, you are trying too hard and you confuse me. And the inside cover…endorsed by the author of Hush, Hush, which I couldn’t even finish reading I disliked it so much. So I was a bit worried that I would dislike this book as vehemently. And yet this book is fantastic.

Evie is an awesome bundle of personality. She so yearns to be loved and normal, but she isn’t wimpy or whiney. She is strong and she gets stuff done. And her best friend is a mermaid named Lish. Who has a potty mouth. How cool is that? Because Lish is underwater, a computer translates for Evie to hear, and Lish’s curse words are all bleeped out.

Now, Paranormalcy did have the obligatory love triangle…kind of (thank goodness, I can only take so much of the same exact love triangle nonsense). The dynamic differences between her relationships with Lend and Reth were fantastic. On one hand we have Reth, the faerie who she used to be in ‘love’ with before she realized it was just that he filled her with this creepy, glowing warmth. They have some awesome charged moments:

And then there is Lend, the paranormal that no one can identify. Sweet, kind, and slightly normal? He has a locker, and a driver’s license and goes to high school, so he is more normal than Evie. Both guys want Evie, but for very different reasons. Love triangle, yes. Annoyingly familiar love triangle play out? No.

Also, Keirsten White is hilarious. Evie’s dialogue is sassy, smart, and sarcastic. And let’s add on quick and flirty just so I’m not alliterating for no good reason. I am now voraciously hoping that White has more books out there I can go read.

Because I’m super fan-geeking out about this series I got a bit inspired and painted my nails. I loathe pink with the fury of a banshee, but these nails are in honor of pink-loving Evie. From left to right are werewolf eyes, vampire fangs, Tasey, and Lish’s tail. I know...they are not real great. But it was fun :)

This book is a definite five out of five. It is a YA book, so don’t expect it to be an adult read, but for a YA book it is wunderbar!

Have you read this book? Let me know what you thought!

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