September 9, 2013


****This post will contain spoilers****

Today I read Slither, book 11 in the Spook’s Apprentice series. Slither as a character was complex, teetering between evil and good the entire story, much like Grimalkin. And that is likely why I enjoyed him as a character so much. He fights against his base nature to do what is right, what he has sworn. Also Nessa…such a strong character. I loved her as well. I felt like Delaney was hinting that she had magic though no one else seemed to realize it. Slither wonders, but doesn’t know, and I certainly think that Nessa has no clue what she is doing. How interesting!! Maybe we will get more of these two in the future and that question will be answered.

I had some strange desire to ship Nessa and Slither. I know. Not just strange...random! The hairy, blood drinking demon and the 17 year old girl? But when she pulls his head down to hers and compels him to save them, I almost lost it. Anyone else??

And more Grimalkin!! Delaney obviously knows that his readers love Grimalkin…thank goodness. She was (again) awesome in this book. And I loved the way Slither was confused by her. “She is just a purra, how is she such a threat?” Heh heh heh. You set her free, Mr. Slither and you will see. Gah. Love Grimalkin.

However, I do have one complaint. What did this entire story have to do with the rest of the series?! It’s more of a same world, accompanying story rather than part of the Spook’s Apprentice series. And that irritated me. I shouldn’t have to slog through this book if it isn’t directly related! (Even though I loved it) It was way better than the other filler book, I Am Grimalkin, so that was a plus, but still…

Slither deserves a five out of five because it’s a fantastic book! I just wish it wasn’t part of the direct series. Were I to read the series again, I would leave out both Grimalkin and Slither’s tales. Heh heh…tale…get it? Tail…Slither? Heh. Guess ya got to read the book to get that one ;)

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment with a book suggestion, and let me know how you liked the book!

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