April 30, 2014

A Tale of Two Castles

This is a book I read during Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon!

Oh my gosh, Levine still has it. Thank goodness. .

The last book I read by her was Ever which was…eh, but not as amazing as I have come to expect from Gail Carson Levine. .

This book was awesome. It is for very young readers, elementary or early middle school aged, but still I enjoyed it. .

Elodie was an awesome female lead. She is young and naive, so we get to see her learning and changing throughout the book. The mystery element of the book was a little weak, but considering which target group this story was meant for, I can totally understand why. .

4.5 stars for this awesome book.

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  1. YES. YES. YEEEEES. I'm so glad you read this!!! I read it after it first came out and fell in love with it. Levine totally still has it. xD

    I agree about Ever. It was only so-so. But A Tale of Two Castles is wonderful <3

    Also, did you know she's working on a sequel? :3


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