April 25, 2014


It seems the curse of these trilogies to present a compelling plot with driving characters and maddening questions, and then completely fail to deliver with books two and three.

The characters I loved:

Tris. Tris became whiny and was crying every other page. I got quite fed up with her. She was so fragile, and when she finally found the strength to be strong and do/say something Tobias was there telling her she was suicidal and not believing her. This caused her to spiral back into whiny, crying mode.

Plot: :

Nothing happened in this book. At least not until the end. They would travel somewhere new, encounter more ass hole people trying to control them and the world, almost die, and then move on to the next place. It got old.

The big reveal of WHAT’S OUT THERE! :

*eye roll* I was expecting something big. Like…zombies…or cannibalistic crazy people. But no. Just humans who have gone wrong? What? This is the BIG secret that everyone has sought to keep hidden? It’s rather obvious isn’t it? Human population went crazy so now we are safe in our enclosed world. And how many people died to keep this secret/trying to bring it to light? A ridiculous amount. Oh- and that comment from Marcus about the secret changing people. The secret was so close to what they thought originally happened the two could have been estranged twins. World war vs humans destroying each other.

I am, however, excited for some actual interaction with the outside world.

This book only deserves 2.5 stars because while it was exciting, and I still am driven to find out what will happen in the next book, the characters irritated me, the plot irritated me, and the answers we were given were not satisfactory.

On another note! I will be participating in the 24 hour read-a-thon for 2014! I will be reading April 26th from 5am -4am, Mountain Time. I live in AZ, but the site only had LA time, which we are pretty close to if not congruent with most of the year.

I will be posting my updates here, but actual reviews will have to wait until another day. I won’t have time to write them, code them, and post them. I’d lose too much valuable reading time!! :D

I am hoping to get at least 8 books done. Wish me luck!! <3

They always need cheerleaders and angels to help out, so if you don’t want to be a reader, go to the site to see how any of the nearly 500 readers are doing!

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