April 28, 2014


This is a book I read during Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon!

This book was good. A very interesting idea; slightly dark fantasy. But, I do not think that the book was well edited- plot arc wise. The beginning of the novel was going in one direction, and then all of a sudden it branched off into a different direction entirely. While I enjoyed the book, this really irritated me.

The focus of the book is what suffered most. We would be focused on one thing, and then be pulled in a different direction by a new development…and never return to the first focus.

For example, we are set up to care about this character named Gregor, and a few times Annie returns to trying to find him again, but then at the end she completely forgets about him.

There was also a prophesy that nothing ever came out of…and the story just ENDS. I am going to give the writer the benefit of the doubt that there is supposed to be a second book to deal with this prophesy.

Another irritation I had was the fact that in this world people have forgotten what wolves are called so they rename them kinderstalk. It is so unrealistic I could laugh up a lung.

Darkwood was a quick, easy read, but the problems with the writing made me dock it a few stars bringing the total to 2.5.

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