June 12, 2014


I was rather disappointed with this book. I still loved it, and I will read the next one, but for a Sanderson book, I did not feel it lived up to my high, high expectations.

What bothered me the most was the obviousness with which Sanderson laid out his “big reveals”. One of the things I REALLY admire about his writing is his ability to leave little hints as you go along. Usually they are so tiny you don’t even really notice them until you re-read the book. There were two “big reveals” in Steelheart that I guessed early in the book. I shoved aside my assumptions because Sanderson doesn’t do obvious hints. But he did. And in my opinion that rather ruins the fun of the reveal.

I had been warned prior to reading the novel that it wasn’t as amazing as some of his other stuff, largely because of his target audience. But still. I had higher expectations.

That being said, it still is an awesome book. I still enjoyed it a great deal. And as I said before, I will absolutely be reading the next book.

Steelheart gets 4 stars.

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