December 11, 2013

The Hobbit

Far over the misty mountains cold…

In honor of the second installment of the Hobbit coming out tomorrow, I re-read the Hobbit today. I cannot wait for the movie to come out; anyone who knows me personally knows how much of a Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth dork I am.

Anyway. I love the Hobbit. It is a wonderful book, and much easier to read than the Lord of the Rings. The only thing I really don’t like about the Hobbit is the destruction of one of my favorite characters. Thorin. Thorin starts out as a grumpy butt-muncher, then he grows and comes to respect and value Bilbo. Then…regression into butt-muncher, mortal wound, death-bed apology, and death. Emotional rollercoaster, Mr. Tolkien. The feels are not wanted. I’m going to blubber like a baby when Thorin dies in the third installment of the movies…

My other favorite character? Beorn. I cannot wait to meet him on the big screen. Most random character ever, a bit like Tom Bombadil in that regard, but I love him. A man who is a bear, or a bear who is a man, how can you not love him?

My favorite part of the Hobbit are the riddles and the songs/poems. The songs are beautifully constructed, and the riddles are so much fun!!

The Hobbit is a five star book, no questions asked.

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