December 28, 2013


This is the sequel to the book Graceling which I adored. Fire however, did not live up to the first book, in my opinion. Yes it was good, I enjoyed it, but I don’t usually like when authors throw aside characters in place of new characters to finish a story.

Fire is whiny. And people want to rape her all the time because she is so dang beautiful? Errrrr okay? And for most of this book Fire does…absolutely nothing. She sits on her bum and whines. There was no kick ass heroine to move this story along. Unfortunately

I was greatly disappointed with this sequel, and will only give it two stars.

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  1. Oh no, was it awful? I LOVED Graceling, but I heard that Fire wasn't that great. But I know that there's a third book out. The fact that they /exist/ kind of makes me want to read them, even though Fire sounds sucky.


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