December 25, 2013

Llama Llama Holiday Drama

First off, I love llamas. Not nearly as much as I adore manatees, but never-the-less, I love llamas. And this is a Christmas book featuring a llama. Seriously, five stars for the idea alone.

Look at that llama on the cover. I mean, the book is ALREADY awesome and I haven’t even started reading!

I have a few jobs, and one of them is the Assistant to the Religious Educator at a church. So I read a LOT of children’s stories. Mostly I don’t find them amazing enough to count as my book a day. But this one is worth mentioning. Especially when the market of children’s stories that I usually look at (our curriculum is based around Judeo/Christian themes this year) are terrible. And I’m not talking, “Wow that was boring!” No. Like claw your eyes out and burn them. Pour liquid metal into your ears. That kinda terrible. Seriously, how do some of these people get published?!

But I digress. Llama Llama Holiday Drama is cute, funny, and it highlights the importance of the spirit of Christmas, which is what my boss was looking for in a story. Plus…llamas. Needless to say, the children (and surprisingly adults!) loved it when she read it in church the Sunday before Christmas.

This adorable book gets my 5 star rating. And if you have children, I suggest buying this book to read to them around the holidays.

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  1. I adore you. YOU get five stars for reviewing a book about llamas.


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