December 7, 2013

A Dragon's Path to Ascension

Short, but not sweet…

I am rather undecided about this book. On one hand I was engaged and it wasn’t predictable. It was unique and surprisingly dark. On the other hand it was only 6 chapters, not long enough to really get into the character or the world. I would have liked more detail and more character development.

It was quite action driven, which would have been fine if there was more substance to the story, but there wasn’t. I gradually pieced together what these Toivoans were: half dragon, half human, that can draw on their element for power, and they have to kill two of their kind to “Ascend”. The problem is…these answers gave rise to more questions. What exactly is Ascending? Who is this Empress? Why do hunters want Toivoan skins?

I understand there are more books in this series, and maybe they answer these questions, but because this book wasn’t fully developed, I have no drive to read them. I give A Dragon’s Path to Ascension 1.5 stars.

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