December 4, 2013

The Death Cure

Well, that book made me want to throw it out a window. And perhaps buy all the copies and burn them.

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Seriously, this is the conclusion to Maze Runner and Scorch Trials?! This is my face right now.

(Image borrowed from here, I do not claim it is my property)

Dashner does a really, really great job of creating a story, filling us with questions we are dying to answer… I have just found out that he sucks at answering those questions, and completing a story.

Okay, okay, so she betrays him because Wicked told her to…whatever. I got over it. But then, because Dashner chose to use all the feels in that big old betrayal, he RUINED all the feels for Theresa’s death. Seriously. I. Felt. Nothing. Not anger, not sadness, not happiness that she finally kicked it. Just…nothing. That right there tells the reader you have failed to connect with your audience. And then there was Brenda…

First of all…way to go Dashner for selling out and buying into the stupidity of the YA love triangle (that was heavy sarcasm). I never really like Theresa and Tom together. I never wanted ANYONE with Tom. Kids are dying all around you, how can you focus on sexual tension or kissing when you could die at any moment? Unrealistic. At least with Theresa, there was a foundation where they had known each other before going into the Maze, so I accepted that. But Brenda? Give me a break. No.

Tom never seems to get his memory back, so you never get to know exactly what he knows about the Originals and how he was the ‘boss’ of the Maze trials (in a sense).

Chancellor Paige just giving up? After all of this. After all the death, the pain, the money, the deception, she just GIVES UP.

And Brenda and Tom go off into the sunset of a green paradise to repopulate the world! *rolls eyes* Come on. Dashner, you dragged us along with all of these questions, and over-the-top deaths. There HAS to be meaning. There have to be answers. Otherwise it was all for nothing. I wasted my time reading three books…and am left with burning questions.

My question is…was Dashner pressured by his publisher/agent to get this book out so he didn’t have enough time to come up with a good ending? Or did he have no freaking clue about the answers to begin with, so he just ended it? I’m banking on the latter. Dashner doesn’t seem like he plots, not like Sanderson does anyway. Dashner leaves little clues, but those clues are worthless if there is no ‘Ah Ha!’ moment.

Not. Pleased.

Can you tell I'm really angry? Yeah, that’s because I am. That is also why this book only gets two stars. The first book was so fantastic, but this, this was a slap in the face. I won’t be reading any more of this series. No Kill Order, I will not be indulging in you.

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