December 18, 2013

Enchantress from the Stars

This book wasn't one of the absolute best books I have read, but it certainly was interesting and unique. There are three different cultures in this book, at three differing levels of technology advancement.

Elana is part of a culture who is advanced to the point of telekinesis, but they are peaceful. They wander the planets learning about different cultures, never revealing their technology secrets.

Jarel is also from an advanced culture, but his excuse for coming to a planet is to cultivate it by any means, even military.

Georyn is a man who lives on a world with medieval technology. It is his world that Elana and Jarel have come to.

Elana helps Georyn, and thus the people of his planet, fight off Jarel by the only means she can do without revealing her advanced society and their technology: by masquerading as an enchantress. In this manner Elana deceives Georyn about Jarel, calling his technology spells and dragons, and offering her own spells to help Georyn.

A tender love story develops between Georyn and Elana, but as they are two different cultures, it is understood from the beginning that this will not be a happy ending to the love story.

Now let me just say, I HATE unhappy endings. ABHOR them. But this ending was bittersweet and beautiful, and though I would have liked fairy tale wedding bells, this ending made sense and was quite lovely.

This book receives 4 stars. 3.5 for the story and .5 for that beautiful cover. Just gorgeous.

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