August 5, 2014

The Well of Ascension

Brandon Sanderson.  Because Brandon effing Sanderson. 
*fan girls for a bit*

Let me just start out this post by saying I met another Sanderson fanatic while in England this past week.  There is nothing as amazing as meeting someone else who ADORES the Stormlight Archives.  Instant friends.  

Literally I think the life changing sentence was “I have to ask, are you a Kaladin fan?”

IS THAT EVEN A REAL QUESTION?  OF COURSE KALADIN, YES KALADIN.  Can we also talk about Shallan?  I have one word to say:


I ended up jumping up and down and waving my arms and squealing and talking really fast….and the rest of the room thought I was insane.

But that was okay, because we glared at the rest of the room and told them to go read the books right away.  Because SANDERSON.

Anyway!  Today I am reviewing a Sanderson book…obviously.

Book two in the Mistborn series.  So. So. So. I liked book one, but it wasn’t AMAZING like I expected.  It was damn good, but not Stormlight Archives level awesome.
But this one.  Amazing.

There were still things I didn’t like, such as the love triangle…I just wanted to pull Sanderson’s hair out and demand that he not follow the triangle trope.  And I did guess one of the big reveals, but there were several that I didn't guess.

His descriptions.  Some of the descriptions in this book gave me actual chills.  I cried at one point I was so happy.

And I was sad too.  But I won’t get into that due to spoilers.  But feels, people, FEELS.

Shit went down hardcore.  The world is falling apart, and new enemies are introduced.  I need to read the next book.  Like…now.

Speaking of…excuse me.  Must go read now.
Five stars <3

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  1. Ha ha ha, yes! The end of this book is such a kick to the face. I remember reading it and wanting to curse Marsh, and at the same time be like, "HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!?!?" Glad you loved it <3


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