January 3, 2014

Wolf Tower

I cannot even express how much I love this book. So original. Pure genius. I have lost count of the amount of times I have re-read them. Less than Ella Enchanted, I know that, but more than any other book I have re-read. This is the opening segment, and captures perfectly the tone of the book.

“Yes. I stole this book. I don't know why. It looked…nice I suppose, and nothing has been nice for years. It was in her stationary chest, out of which she sometimes makes us - mostly me - get her a piece of silk paper or thick parchment. Then she doodles a few stupid lines of awful poetry. Or a foul painting. And then we all have to applaud. "Oh, how clever Lady Jade Leaf. What bright-shining genius." Because she's royalty. And we are not. Oh no. We couldn't ever do anything wonderful like that. Frankly, I think I could spit in more interesting patterns. And as for the poetry, well, here's the latest example: I drift like a petal all upon the air and the roses bow Drift like a petal…she's more like a hippopotamus in the river. I don't mean she's fat, Lady Iris is fat - but she's also graceful and glamorous. Jade Leaf is slim, but the way that she moves… If the roses bowed, they did it because they fainted with fright, screaming "don't let that great thing bash into me!" (Having said this, I feel I should add that hippopotami are graceful, too, underwater. Besides, a hippopotamus has never picked up its ornamental cane and cracked me across the palms of my hands so they bled. Which Jade Leaf has done so many times I can't remember the number). If you found this, and are reading it, need I ask you not to tell anyone? There's someone banging on the door - and I must go do more important things - like wait on Lady Jade Leaf. But let me sign my name here so you'll know it's me next time: Claidi.”

Grabbed. There is no way I could not love Cladi! She is cheeky, witty, and later she becomes quite the bad ass!

Then there is her love story. Unconventional, well developed, love story. I shan’t say any more because there are a few stray…wrinkles and crinkles, and they are just too good to spoil!

If…oh gosh…this is a large claim, but if only one of my blogs inspires someone to read a book, I hope it is this book. Tanith Lee is an amazing author, and this is an amazing, 5 star book, and it deserves to be read and enjoyed by all who love Middle School fantasy.

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  1. Okay, fulfilling your wish. I will re-read this book since you love it so much. I read halfway through 4 waaay back in middle school and just really didn't like it. Or, maybe, I liked the first one and didn't like the sequels. But I will re-read the series. You've inspired me :)

    AND HELL YEAH for re-reading Ella Enchanted more times than you can possibly count. Still my favorite, and still the book I've read more times than any other.


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