January 11, 2014


This book was slightly more exciting than Supernaturally. Slightly. Evie was still whiny, but in this book things happened! That automatically makes it better than the last book.

Things I didn’t like:

Carlee ends up being kidnapped at one point, and Evie knows that she has been taken by the fairies. How? Seriously. We didn’t receive any ransom notes from fairies. No hint of logical reasoning that a fairy would have taken Carlee. It made no sense, and seemed to me to be a device to simply push the plot along.

The ending. One of the most Deus Ex Machina endings EVER. Vivian wakes up just in time so she can close the fairy gate so Evie doesn’t have to. So ridiculous. And I hated it.

Things I liked:

Reth. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Reth is my favorite character. He is interesting, dimensional, and one of the only characters, no wait. THE only character I like at the end. I loved how he couldn’t understand Evie’s decision to stay behind. And his love for what he thought she could become was wonderful (in terms of characterization). It’s realistic, and what some people tend to do when they are in love.

The Seelie and Unseelie queens were the second saving grace of this book. I enjoyed the scenes where they made appearances. The queens being sisters, their past together, their interactions and their struggle, all made for very interesting reading. Then Evie had to ruin it all by being so annoying.

This book only deserves two stars because no character should outshine the main character. It’s hard to respect or like a whiny, annoying, irresponsible girl.

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