January 2, 2014

The Silver Metal Lover

I have been meaning to read this book for forever. I adore Tanith Lee. I think she is a phenomenal writer, and her Cladi Journals series is one of my very favorites. This book did not disappoint me.

Our heroine doesn’t fall in love with a vampire, werewolf, dwarf, elf, human, or zombie! She falls in love with a robot. One she is sure is more than a robot. One she thinks might be able to love her back. She feels his emotion in his music.

Lee explores the humanity and meaning of life in inhuman things, as well as the concept of love. This story is deep, beautiful, and one that I will need to add to my bookshelf.

This five star book has inspired me to re-read her Cladi series. I’m in a Tanith mood!

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  1. Huh. I need to check this out. Although I really, REALLY love Piratica (I haven't read them in forever, but that was one of my favorites in middle school), I really did NOT like the Wolf books. I'll have to check out your reviews, since I see you read at least a few of them. But this one sounds awesome!


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