January 10, 2014


What do Evie and this book have in common? Nothing. Nothing happened in this book, and Evie’s new favorite whiny word became ‘nothing’, mostly to describe what she was or how she was feeling. I would go back and count how many times she uses this word, except I really don’t want to reread this terribly boring book.

Supernaturally lost so much of what made Paranormalcy awesome.

Why do people praise this book?

It’s not for the main character. She isn’t relatable or awesome like she was in the first book. Evie is whiny and lost and she runs away from her problems like it’s her job. Her kick assery basically disappears into the vast nothing of this book and her sarcastic, witty banter is reduced to lots and lots of monotonous whining.

It wasn’t for the love story. There are three men all giving Evie oodles of attention, and two of them are just as boring as she is. Jack is the new character and is a random, kinda weird love connection. He’s unstable, and rather crazy, and yet she keeps going on adventures with him. For no reason. And then he becomes randomly evil for absolutely no reason at all! I still do not understand why Evie chose Lend. He’s boring, and his whining rivals that of Evie. Wait…maybe they ARE meant for each other…

But then there is Reth…thank goodness. Reth continues to be one of the only interesting characters. He leads Evie to the only thing of exciting-ish substance in this book: finding her father. The realization of who her father was should have been this monumental thing, the way it was laid out, but it wasn’t. It just sort of disappeared from the plot. There was no point in revealing the info because there was no follow through or impact Evie in the least. Unless you count having a three page inner dialogue about being nothing because she was made by a fairy and a human. Get. A. Grip.

I really wanted to like this book. But sadly, this disappointing sequel only deserves 1.5 stars.

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