October 3, 2014

Main Street

I got a request for a review this week, and I was super excited.  I love reviewing novels!  Thank you Alexis Rae Hudson for reaching out to me to ask for a review.   I am greatly disappointed to say that I cannot say that I enjoyed the book.  However, I would like to make a disclaimer and remind everyone that these are my opinions only.  While I may not have enjoyed the book, others might- so take what I say with a grain of salt.  But my duty as a reviewer is to review them honestly- and so I shall.

I loved the front cover.  Gray and mysterious.  And it gave clear indication of the type of book I was getting into.  Erotica.  Bring it on.

While the erotic parts were steamy, they were, unfortunately the only part of the book I didn’t want to rip into with my editor’s pen.

Length.  The first thing that really struck me was the pacing.  We were flung from scene to scene too quickly, not given a chance to really delve into the characters, get to know them, empathize with them.  

The two first characters: Skylar and her father Carter.  Skylar refers to Carter throughout the book as ‘Carter’.  I thought at first their relationship must not be fantastic, thus giving us a reason for why she wouldn’t call him Dad, but later she calls him terrific…so I was at a loss.  These kind of unexplained discrepancies drive me nuts because I can’t stop thinking of the WHY.  There must be a reason- but I cannot figure out what that reason is.

Skylar is described as the “girl next door” look, and later we find out that her hips and breasts have filled out from working out (um- not possible btw) and her legs are muscular from her stripper training.  Other than these details we don’t really see Skylar.

I know I sometimes expect too much from erotica.  Some people are of a mind that it should not be realistic-, I call this fluff erotica.  If you can manage to not question the unbelievable parts- very enjoyable.  Skylar goes into an establishment looking for work- but they only have jobs for strippers.  He has every type of exotic woman except the normal looking one- so obviously he just HAS to have her?  Right.  He then begins to talk her into taking the job.  In great detail.  Maybe because I have never tried to get a job as a stripper, but I cannot imagine someone wanting the “normal girl” look so bad that he has to basically beg her to agree to be hired.  Sir, there are many, many normal girls that could be molded and taught how to strip.  Why does it HAVE to be her?  

That being said, I was really looking forward to seeing Skylar’s journey from “good girl” to knowledgeable stripper.  Her trials, the pain and bruises, fittings, learning how things work, how to approach clients.  All of that.  I took a pole dancing class once for research- no lie, writing research.  That shit is HARD.  My thighs were black and purple for two weeks following.  I really wanted to go there with Skylar.  Sadly, this part was skipped over.  

And then she meets THE ONE.  By falling over him, which was fun.  But then they go all “I want you”” I need you”.  *sigh*  Am I the only one who finds getting to know someone sexy?  That is the best part of an erotic novel!  The tension before the resolution.  Anyway.  Literally she falls over him, he asks if she is okay, and then BAM- “ lets sex”.  Also she is a virgin…and she initiates the sex with a blow job.  Which she of course knows how to give….perfectly.  And she swallows.  This might all be believable if we saw her grow from girl next door virgin to strong, sexual stripper…but we didn’t.  But then the actual act itself was much more believable.  Hudson does a good job capturing the delicate balance between the wanting and not knowing what to do.  The sex kind of gets away from Skylar and before she knows what’s what, it’s over.  Erase that bj and this scene was a thumbs up! 
I won’t go into any more detail about the rest of the story in case I throw out any spoilers.  

Main Street could greatly have been improved with the help of an editor for overall discrepancies, plot holes, and grammar.  I found several misspellings (after two and a half years as a copywriter…I can’t NOT see them).  And the commas.  *sigh* One of my initial notes as I was reading was, “Oh god…the commas.”  I don’t think I have anything further to say on that.  But yes, an editor would have helped.  Greatly.

I give Main Street, sadly, one star.  Although I did not enjoy this book, if you like fluff erotica, give Main Street a try- let me know what you think.

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