March 19, 2014


I feel a tiny bit like I have failed in being a fantasy-loving English major. How have I managed to reach the age of 23 and NOT read anything by Neil Gaiman? Perplexing.

I have to admit, I really only read this because I was introduced to its existence through the movie. But I think that is not such a bad thing as the movie is one of the more well done renditions of the “book to movie” trend. Of course there were things left out, things changed, things omitted, things added. But such is the way of transferring from media to media.

And Robert De Niro plays Captain Shakespeare wonderfully.

The writing was clear, easy to read, and enjoyable. It was rather…odd to get used to the frequent mention of urinating in the book. It is just one of those things that books tend to avoid- whether because it is unimportant to the plot, or whether it is understood and just not stated. But Gaiman states it. Frequently. I’m all-a-puzzle about his reasons.

Anyway. The story was diverting, as is the movie. The characters had just enough comedy, romance, adventure, and spunk. It was a short read, and definitely worth the time.

I do not see why he is one of the more famous writers of fantasy, though I did think his writing was good. I will read another of his books, but his writing did not send me in a tizzy to the closest bookstore for another sample of his writing.

This book is a firm 4 star book. There are some lapses where the action drops, but overall this book is fantastic.

Read it. And then watch the movie :)


  1. I think we’re secretly twins and just don’t know it yet. Because, somehow, I’m also (almost) 23, an English major, and have not yet read any of his books. And I’m about to read this book (because Elwyn got it for his birthday and we’re going to read it together). I actually haven't seen the movie either, though. Lol

    As far as your “I don’t understand quite what the hype is about” comment… One of my good friends at work has told me that Stardust is very unlike almost all of Gaiman’s other fiction. Apparently the majority of his adult fiction has a very creepy air to it (which, if you’ve seen Coraline, which is based on one of his CHILDREN’s books, then you’ll probably understand). But again, I haven’t read any of them yet, so I can’t quite say for sure. <3

    1. My mother says that she did have twins, but couldn't handle two kids at one time, so she sent the second girl to a nice family in Ohio :)

      As to the creepy air, I considered watching MirrorMask, which is another of his books which was made into a movie. But after consideration of the synopsis I decided against it. It was definitely bizarre and creepy...though I usually like bizarre and creepy, so perhaps I shall read it after all!

    2. Hahaha, love it <3

      I can usually do bizarre and creepy so long as it's in a book. Movies I have a harder time with. (Thus why I never watched Tim Burton's movies until I was in high school or later.)


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