December 24, 2014

Dark Triumph

I was so nervous to read this book.  Grave Mercy was so good….how could a second book top it?

Dark Triumph is Sybella’s book which really made me nervous because Sybella is a bit insane.

But Oh. My. Goodness.  THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING.  I decided to read this book while waiting for Elder Scrolls Online to download.  It downloaded 1% in the time it took me to read this book. Whether that tells of how fast I read, or how slowly ESO downloads...

Sybella is awesome.  She is a survivor, albeit a broken one.  She is an absolute badass, and she loves fiercely.  Her character development was fantastically plotted.  The reveals along the way... I won't spoil them, but they were amazing.

Sybella’s family is FUCKED UP.  Not just a little.  A crap ton.  But how she gets through it, how she survives, how she opens up to the Beast…it is beautiful.  I actually cried during one part of this book.

We don’t get as much politics (government or convent) in this book, but all the signs of a storm brewing are there.  I am pretty excited for the culmination of all the intrigue and lies going on in the covent to happen in book three.

This book gets 5 out of 5 stars.  Definitely one of the best books i have read this year.

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