July 24, 2014

Spiderwick Chronicles

I was going to review each of these books separately, but because they are so short, I have decided to do them as one.

I liked this books.  Quick, light, fun.  I am amazed that I missed out on reading them when I was younger.  They are very juvenile, though enjoyable.  But I can absolutely see myself reading this aloud to future children.  
I especially loved Mallory.  It isn’t too often that you get a girl character who is as awesome as Mallory.  She is a fencer.  She beats up her brothers when they don’t do what she wants.  All three kids have problems, but each is loveable and well developed.

And the illustrations.  Brilliant.  Beautiful.  And I couldn’t stop staring.  

Thank you to Katie for recommending these books for me!  5 stars to a set of amazing books!


  1. Yay! I'm glad you liked these :) Elwyn and I love them.

    1. I have been meaning to read these for some time, based on your recommendation. I knew there was no way I WOULDN'T like it! I am watching the movie tonight, hopefully it does the book justice.


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